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Florida legislators are considering a bill that would greatly limit nursing home’s liability in wrongful death cases, according to an article in the Sunshine News.

Under the proposal, non-economic damages would be capped at $250,000.00 for any nursing home’s first wrongful death case. Similarly, it would make it very difficult to punish a nursing home for it’s conduct by awarding punitive damages or to go after out-of-state investors/owners of the nursing homes.

Good for Business, Bad for the Public

The bill has supporters and detractors. Groups that favor the bill (the Florida Health Care Association and the Chamber of Commerce) say that it would help nursing home operators save money currently spent fending off lawsuits and allow instead for it to be spent by the home in providing better health care at the facilities. Detractors (the AARP and the Florida Justice Association) state that nothing in the bill helps nursing home residents and that, instead, it only helps the nursing homes by limiting the liability for which they should be held responsible.
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