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Many people have been involved in barroom brawls that cause serious injury.  The party suffering injury often does not cause the physical altercation or might even be an innocent bystander.  The owner of the bar and the property can be liable to a person injured because of unsafe conditions on the premises.  Owners of a bar or the commercial property where a bar is located have a legal duty to take reasonable care to prevent patrons from being hurt in a fight or to warn of the potential for brawl-related injuries.  In this blog, our Miami personal injury attorneys discuss negligent security claims in the context of a court decision involving a woman injured in a fall during a bar fight.

In the Florida appellate case of Faber v. Pasco, the plaintiff sued Joseph Karl, the bar owner, and Karl of Pasco, the owner of the commercial property.  The plaintiff filed a premises liability lawsuit alleging that the negligence of the defendants caused her injury when she was at The Karl Reef.  The complaint alleged that the manager of the bar and the plaintiff were standing near each other when a fight erupted.  The complaint also indicated that the plaintiff was the victim of an intentional attack that caused her to fall after another customer hit her. Continue reading →

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Recently, the mother of a 19 year old received frightening texts that no mother would ever imagine.  Her son, who was staying with an Airbnb host in Madrid, sent her urgent text messages stating that his host had locked him into his bedroom in the fourth floor apartment where he was staying.  The host remained in the apartment and allegedly rattled knives around and pressed him to submit to a sexual act.  He begged his mother to help him.

His mother called Airbnb and its employees refused to provide her with the address of the apartment and would not call police.  Instead, they gave her the number of the Madrid police and said they would release to the address to the officer who called.  The 19 year old did manage to escape from the room, but claims he was sexually assaulted.  The host has denied all allegations.

This incident is the most recent in a series of alarming reports stemming from the popular in home, hostel service.  Several months ago, our Miami personal injury lawyers discovered a United States citizen in Argentina was severely injured when the host’s large dog attacked him.  Continue reading →

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If you have been involved in any sort of accident, you have likely heard the term “negligence.”  You may understand that in order for your Miami personal injury lawyer to prevail on your personal injury or wrongful death action, she needs to prove the defendant acted in a negligent manner.  Many accident victims, however, lack a full understanding of the important term negligence.

The following is a look at negligence, what it means, and how it is proven.

What is Negligence?

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Safety depends on many things, but one of the most critical components is having lighting sufficient to illuminate interior and exterior areas as well as walkways in order to keep people safe from preventable accidents and violent crimes. Many times, a homeowner, property manager, or commercial property owner will fail to install or maintain adequate lighting, leading to dangerous conditions.

If you were injured as the result of insufficient lighting, there may be something that you can do to get the compensation that you need to recover from your injuries and deal with the emotional consequences of the harm that you suffered. The skilled Miami premises liability attorneys at Greenberg Stone and Urbano are ready to fight on your behalf. Our firm has more than 130 combined years of experience in advocating for our clients and we are ready to work hard for you.

The owner or manager of a property has an obligation to maintain the premises in a safe manner. While this responsibility takes different forms depending on whether it is a commercial property or a private residence, there is a duty to ensure the safety of guests and invitees, and to a lesser extent even trespassers. If there is inadequate lighting in a private home or building, a warning to guests may be sufficient, while the owner or manager of a commercial building may have to take more active steps to protect the well-being of those on the premises.
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