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Seatbelt Use Reaches 90 Percent Nationwide

Miami Personal Injury Attorneys Celebrate the Use of Seatbelts

The United States Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recently released a promising new finding—seatbelt use in the United States has reached its highest level since the government began conducting surveys. Our personal injury attorneys are pleased to announce that today, approximately 90 percent of all drivers and passengers wear their seatbelts while their vehicle is in operation, which is up from 88.5 percent in 2015. The data was gathered through a mass observational study known as the National Occupant Protection Use Survey (NOPUS).

Seatbelts Save Thousands of Lives Annually

Seatbelts are considered to be the number one safety device of the modern era. The seatbelt was originally invented in the mid-19th century, though it went through some evolutions to become the modern seatbelt you see in cars today.  Car companies Ford and Nash were among the first to offer seatbelts as an option around 1950, while Saab first introduced seatbelts as standard in 1958.  Even still, seatbelt use remained low overall until states first begin enacting seatbelt laws in 1984.  Seatbelt laws had a positive impact on seatbelt use, and our Miami personal injury lawyers are happy to report that most Americans today chose to buckle up for safety reasons, not just due to potential legal consequences.

It is estimated that seatbelts save the lives of 15,000 people each year.  Since 1975, seatbelts have likely saved about 345,000 people.  Seatbelts cut the risk of injury or death by about half in the event of a car accident.  Seatbelts perform a vital function of holding car occupants in place, preventing passengers from being ejected or hitting the dash.

Although 90 percent seatbelt use is certainly a cause for celebration, our South Florida car accident attorneys hope that one day that number will reach 100 percent. State laws play an important role in encouraging the use of seatbelts.  Seatbelt use remains the lowest in states that have only secondary enforcement laws, meaning police officers cannot pull over drivers without their seatbelt unless they spot another offense.

Florida law requires that all front seat passengers wear their seat belt. In addition, all passengers 18 years and younger must buckle up or be restrained in a child car seat.  Florida’s law makes not wearing a seat belt a primary offense, meaning that passengers and drivers 18 and over can be cited if not wearing a seat belt without another offense.

Always Wear Your Seatbelt

Our Miami personal injury attorneys at Greenberg, Stone & Urbano remind you to buckle up each and every time you get in the car.  Buckle small children before taking off in an age appropriate car seat or booster seat.  Instilling good seat belt habits in your children is essential because teens are the most likely people to not wear their seat belts.  By modeling the importance of buckling up, your teen is less likely to forego his or her belt when traveling alone.

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