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South Florida Intersection Under Scrutiny After Luxury Car Crashes into and Kills 82 Year-old Man

Our car accident lawyers report that a well know accident intersection is under scrutiny by Florida’s Department of Transportation after a crash recently claimed the life of an 82-year old Uber driver.  The fatal crash occurred at the intersection of Federal Highway and Northeast First Street in Delray Beach. This intersection is known as a very dangerous intersection. In fact, the city of Delray Beach hung signs warning drivers they were about to enter a notorious intersection. Unfortunately, a man tragically lost his life despite those warnings. If you or someone you love was injured or killed in a car accident in South Florida, Greenberg, Stone, & Urbano can win the compensation you deserve.

According to the Sun-Sentinel, the man driving a Lamborghini luxury sports car remained hospitalized for a very long time after the crash. The sixty-year-old man’s condition continues to improve, but the timetable for his release from the hospital remains uncertain.  He is lucky compared to the 82-year-old driver of a minivan who was working for Uber at the time of the crash. That man died from injuries he suffered in the crash. Police have made no arrests to this point, and the crash remains under investigation.

Police have released preliminary facts about the crash. According to police, the Uber driver traveled across Federal Highway on Northeast First Street when the Lamborghini traveling down Federal Highway struck the Buick Enclave driven by the deceased.  Witnesses told police that the driver of the Lamborghini was speeding moments before the crash. Witnesses also said that another luxury sports car was involved as well but left the scene. Police believe that car to be a Porsche operated by the Lamborghini driver’s girlfriend.

A nearby restaurant’s surveillance system captured the dramatic and tragic crash on video. The video shows the Buick Enclave attempting to cross Federal Highway when the Lamborghini suddenly and forcefully plowed into the Buick. The Buick careened out of control and spun around. Heavy damage is visible to the front of the both cars, with the greatest amount of damage inflicted on the driver’s side quarter panel on the Buick.

The intersection of Federal Highway and Northeast First Street continues to be a problem in Delray Beach. Local officials hung traffic control signs warning motorists that they were approaching a dangerous intersection, called a “high-accident intersection.” The label “high-accident intersection” means that motorists at the intersection of Federal Highway and Northeast First Street experience a higher crash rate than comparable intersections in Florida. The Sun-Sentinel researched police records and learned that more than 30 car crashes occurred at this intersection within the past five years.

Local neighbors offered ideas as to why so many crashes occur at this crossing. People who live in the area of Federal Highway and Northeast First Street told stories of speeding drivers, wrong-way drivers, and terrible visibility at the intersection. Locals noted that drivers’ visibility is obscured of on-coming traffic, making safe travel through the intersection difficult.  Hopefully, the traffic study to be conducted by the Florida Department of Transportation will reveal ways to make this intersection, and others like it, safer for motorists and pedestrians alike.

The accident that claimed the 82-year-old man’s life was avoidable, it appears. Careless driving such as speeding, racing, inattentive driving, and, of course, operating under the influence of alcohol or narcotics leads to tragedy.  Failure to heed warning signs can also lead to tragedy. Driver’s must watch out for signs as they approach dangerous areas on roads. Drivers should also take great care when entering an intersection that partially obscures the driver’s view of oncoming traffic.  There is no need to take a chance. It could ruin your life, or someone else’s.

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