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Woman Suffocates in Cryotherapy Accident, Calling Attention to the Potential Dangers of This New Treatment

An employee at a Las Vegas cryotherapy center was found dead.  Coroners determined that she died as a result of suffocation in the cryotherapy chamber, which is cooled by liquid nitrogen.  The 24 year old perished due to low oxygen levels imposed by the extremely low temperatures produced in the chamber.

This death has drawn scrutiny to cryotherapy, which has gained in popularity in recent years and can be found across South Florida.  The personal injury attorneys of Greenberg, Stone and Urbano are concerned by this recent fatality and the general lack of regulation surrounding the industry.

Proponents of cryotherapy claim that it reduces pain and inflammation, helps with weight loss, aids blood flow, and improves skin and signs of aging, as well as improving the mental state of some depression sufferers. The cryotherapy chambers themselves expose people to extraordinarily low temperatures, below those experienced on Earth.  These ultra-low temperatures can reach -200 to -319 degrees Fahrenheit.  The cryotherapy customer is exposed to these temperatures for about one and a half to three minutes. 

Cryotherapy has not been approved for medical use by the Food and Drug Administration, but this has not stopped a host of customers and athletes from using this treatment.  This recent death is expected to result in regulation of the practice worldwide.  Investigations have revealed that the nitrogen levels in the tank may have been ever lower than they should have due to a potential leak.  Thus far, the owners of the cryotherapy center have closed their doors and investigations are ongoing.

The Risks of Spa Treatments

Spa treatments include cutting edge treatments like cryotherapy, along with tried and true treatments like massage and whirlpool baths.  It is important that consumers recognize that these treatments are generally unregulated and could result in injury or illness.  Water based therapies, for instance, can spread serious germs.  Legionnaires’ disease is one such illness that is often traced back to water spa therapies as bacteria thrive in wet, hot environments and many spas do not adequately clean their tubs or other spa equipment.

Cryotherapy is the latest spin on ice baths, which have long been used by athletes.  With temperatures so low, minor mistakes can be catastrophic.  In addition to the recent Las Vegas death, a Texas woman has filed suit against a cryotherapy center, alleging that she suffered third degree burns on her left arm due to the therapy and lost use as well as experienced disfigurement due to the treatment.

Anyone considering cryotherapy or any other form of spa therapy should thoroughly research the benefits and risks of the treatment.  Consult with your physician if you have concerns and do not undergo new, untested therapies or those that are unregulated and potentially dangerous.

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