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Two Florida Teens Perish in Accident that Split Car in Half

A fatal car accident has devastated one Southwest Florida community and left two families reeling.  Florida Highway Patrol officials report that a 17 year old and a 15 year old friend were riding in a Mercedes when the teen driver failed to negotiate a curve.  The car struck a median and the sheer impact of the crash caused the rear of the vehicle to actually separate from the front.  Half of the car traveled into the northbound lanes while the separated half moved into the southbound lanes.

The Miami car accident lawyers at Greenberg, Stone, & Urbano have assisted numerous families who lost teens and children in preventable accidents. We have witnessed the devastation experienced by these grieving parents and family members.  To help prevent accidents such as this one and so many others like it, we offer some tips for teaching your teen how to drive and methods for ensuring they become a safe driver.

  1. Act as an effective co-pilot: It is mandatory that you or another adult supervise your teen learning to drive.  We recommend that you continue to ride with your teen whenever possible even after they have obtained a full driver’s license.  Put yourself in the right frame of mind before getting in the car with your new teen driver.  Think of ways to provide praise and positive criticism.  Start out in a parking lot as this is one of the safest places to practice.  Ensure your child is obeying traffic laws and honing his or her observation skills.
  2. Instill in your teen the importance of following the speed limit: Teenagers have a tendency to speed. This could stem from pure inexperience or the general thrill seeking mentality that many teens have.  It is imperative that your teen understands the dangers of exceeding the speed limit.  Read some statistics to your teen about car accidents and speed.  Relate to them any personal experiences you have had.  Lay down some rules, such as preventing use of the car if they get a speeding ticket for a certain amount of time.  Your proactive approach can help to keep your teen’s speed under control.
  3. Caution against distractions: Distracted driving is a tremendous problem among teenagers.  Many teen drivers admit to checking social media sites, texting, emailing, and much more while driving.  Even a few seconds spent looking at your phone is enough to cause an accident.  As with speeding, show your teen some alarming statistics on distracted driving and set out some consequences in the event you or a police officer catches your teen driving in a distracted manner.  By riding with your teen often, you are more likely to pick up on instances of distraction.

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