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Miami High School Students Save Lives Following Fatal Car Crash

Recently, a crash in Miami left eight students and a driver trapped inside an overturned van.  Several Miami high school students are being hailed as heroes after taking quick action to help those inside.  The students, who had been on their way to lunch, ran up to the vehicle and broke a window using a rock.  They jumped into action when they witnessed a van on its side and another vehicle in poor condition.  Two of the students inside the van were in critical condition and the driver of the other vehicle did not survive the crash.  It is unclear as of now what caused the accident, but one thing is certain—the quick actions of the high school students helped to save lives that day.  The victims of the accident will now need to seek the assistance of a licensed Miami car accident lawyer.

Steps to Take if You Witness a Car Crash

If you are unfortunate enough to witness a bad car accident, you should stop and identify yourself as a witness to the accident.  Although it may be inconvenient, your eyewitness account could greatly impact the outcome of the accident.  You will need to provide your information and a statement.  Here are some additional steps our Miami auto accident lawyers recommend that you take if you witness or are involved in an accident:

  1. Call 911—you should call 911 immediately after witnessing a crash. No matter how severe or minor the accident seems, the police will need to know about it.  Tell the 911 operator that you have witnesses a crash and provide the address to the accident.  Provide any other details requested by the operator.
  2. Remain at the scene in a safe location—if you have witnessed the accident, the police officer and possibly the accident victims will want to obtain your information and a brief statement. As such, it is important that you remain at the scene of the crash.  However, you do not want to place yourself in a position to be injured or obstruct the path of rescue personnel.  Accordingly, place yourself in a safe location far off the shoulder and away from the immediate action of the accident.  If police have not yet arrived, check to be sure all that were involved in the accident are okay.
  3. Never perform medical treatment—unless you are a trained EMT or physician, do not perform medical treatment on any injured accident victim. You could be held liable in the event something goes wrong.  Car accidents can be frightening and at times people get hurt.  Use your best judgment and assist where you can, but do not put yourself in harm’s way or attempt to perform the function of someone trained in the field.
  4. Give the police a statement—one of your most important contributions will be to offer a statement to the police officer in charge of the case. Car accidents will involve intense issues of liability and your statement can assist in the right party being held accountable.

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