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Harrowing Video Depicting Two People Speeding to Their Deaths is Released

A horrifying video has been released showing two young men speeding to their deaths.  The 21 year old passenger filmed his 20 year old friend while driving.  The passenger tells the driver on the video to slow down because he is doing 90 mph.  Minutes later, the vehicle loses control and crashes into a church wall, killing both men instantly.  The video emerged out of East Sussex and was released by local police, with permission from the families of these young men.  The pair were apparently on a cocktail of drugs at the time of the accident.  One of the men leaves behind a five year old daughter.  The families of these deceased individuals are hoping that the video footage will have an impact on young people and will cause others to think twice before ingesting drugs and driving.

The Miami car accident lawyers at Greenberg, Stone, & Urbano are shocked by this horrific video and join in the hope that it will raise awareness as to the dangers of driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  The following is a look at some facts surrounding drugged driving and what you should do in the event you are injured by a driver who is potentially under the influence of drugs.

The Dangers of Drugged Driving

The use of illegal drugs and the misuse of prescription drugs can make a driver unsafe.  Specific drugs will have a different impact on the brain.  For instance, marijuana slows down reaction time, impairs judgment, and decreases motor coordination.  Drivers under the influence of marijuana may have an increase in lane weaving, poor reaction time, and a lack of attention to the road.  In contrast, drivers under the influence of cocaine or methamphetamine may become reckless and aggressive drivers.  They may speed excessively, cut other drivers off, and engage in other dangerous behaviors.  Drivers using sedative drugs, called benzodiazepines, may be drowsy or dizzy, which can result in serious and sometimes fatal accidents.

Each individual will be affected by drugs slightly differently.  More research is needed to understand how much of a drug impairs a person’s driving ability.  It is clear that even a small amount of many drugs will have a negative effect on driving.  As such, many states have a zero tolerance policy on drugged driving.  This means that drivers can be convicted of driving under the influence if there is any amount of drug in their blood or urine.

Florida has not yet passed a zero tolerance drugged driving policy.  However, drivers under the influence of drugs can be convicted of a DUI if the controlled substance impairs the driver’s normal facilities.  Many are calling for enhanced drugged driving laws.

If you have been injured in a car accident and believe the other driver may have been under the influence of drugs or alcohol, consult with a licensed Miami car accident attorney as soon as possible to protect your legal rights.

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