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Tips for Staying Safe in Miami Stop and Go Traffic

South Florida and Miami in particular is known for having times of heavy traffic.  This bustling area draws thousands of tourists each year and is home year round to over five million people.  With so many people living and working in South Florida, the roadways and highways can become congested.  Early morning and evening hours will often result in stop and go traffic as people rush to and from the office, beaches, or other popular destinations.

Stop and Go Traffic Creates Serious Hazards

Stop and go traffic can present considerable dangers.  It requires that drivers pay close attention to the road ahead and constantly adjust their speed accordingly.  If a driver becomes distracted, a serious or even chain reaction accident may occur.  Your life and the safety of those around you depend upon your focus and safe driving when faced with congested roadways.  The following is a list of safety tips from our personal injury lawyers in Miami for those driving in stop and go traffic:

  1. Put away all distractions: Texting, talking on the phone, emailing, eating and drinking, and the like can draw your eyes, attention, and focus from the road.  When this occurs, even for a few seconds, it can cause a serious accident.  Due to the nature of stop and go traffic, it is especially important that you put away all distractions and focus on your driving.
  2. Slow down: Traffic can be frustrating and often leads drivers to attempt to speed or weave between lanes.  This behavior can lead to accidents in a moment.  As such, all drivers facing traffic must slow down.
  3. Allow adequate following distance: Rear end accidents are the most common form of accident to occur in heavy traffic.  To prevent a rear end accident, ensure that you leave adequate space between you and the vehicle ahead of you.  The three second rule is a general rule of thumb that requires you start counting when the car ahead passes a landmark.  You should reach at least three before you get to the same landmark.
  4. Consider an alternative route: If you know that the major highways on your typical route home will be congested, it could be wise to take a back road or alternative route.  Look at a map or re-program your GPS so route you around areas of heavy traffic.  Always give yourself ample time to get to your destination so that you do not feel rushed or stressed.
  5. Keep your cool: Traffic can be frustrating and it causes some drivers to lose their temper.  It is important that you stay calm even when faced with a long line of traffic.  Play calming music and remind yourself that this will pass so that you do not become a road rage aggressor or start to drive dangerously due to your frustration.

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