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Miami Car Accident Sends Vehicle Careening into Deep End of Pool

A harrowing accident sent a car carrying a mother and her two young children crashing into several trees, a fence, and into a pool.  The Mazda 3 was struck by an Acura after the driver of the Acura reportedly did not make a proper stop.  The driver of the Mazda veered off the road, hitting two trees, running through a fence, and finally landing in a pool.  A quick acting Good Samaritan pulled the two children, ages 6 and 8, to safety while the mother escaped through the sunroof.  The Good Samaritan is being hailed as a hero by the mother and witnesses to the accident.

How to be a Good Samaritan

Good Samaritans save lives by acting fast after they witness a car accident. The following is a look at the steps you can take to become a Good Samaritan. While all situations are unique, our Miami car accident lawyers offer these general steps will help give victims the best possible aid while keeping you safe.  When you are at the scene of a car accident:

  • Park safely away from the accident: If you are driving by the scene of a crash, park at least 100 feet from the scene.  This will allow you to survey the scene of the accident from a safe distance and will keep the path clear for emergency vehicles.
  • Signal the crash for other drivers and emergency personnel: You can use your hazards to alert others to the accident.  If you have them, flares or traffic triangles will also work well.
  • Assess the situation: While keeping your distance, assess possible injuries and victims or hazardous conditions, such as leaked fuel, broken glass, or downed power lies.  If there is any indication that fuel may leak, do not use flares.
  • Call 911: Do not assume that someone else has called 911.  Call immediately and be prepared to offer vital details, such as the location of the accident, the number of people involved, and the severity of the injuries.  If someone else has witnessed the accident, ask them to call 911 so that you can seek other ways to help.
  • If safe to proceed, assist victims in need of help: Talk to injured victims but do not move them, as this could worsen injuries.  You can cover them with something to keep them warm or assure them that help is on the way.  Remember that you are not a medical professional (unless you are medically trained), so do not treat injuries on your own.  If someone is trapped in a burning vehicle or another dangerous scenario, try to get them out of the car if possible.  Help victims who are not seriously injured to move their vehicles out of harm’s way and place vehicles that cannot be moved in park.

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