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Celebrity Rick Ross Sued for Slip and Fall at Miami Home

Our Miami personal injury attorneys report that Rapper Rick Ross recently found himself in additional legal trouble.  A man who visited their family home in Miami Gardens is suing Ross and his mother.  The visitor allegedly tripped on the rail of the property’s iron gate back in 2011.  He claims to have suffered tremendous pain and suffering when he fell, according to his lawsuit filed in Broward County. Ross and his mother have stated they were not on the property at the time of the fall and in fact, the property was then being rented to tenants.  The slip and fall victim is requesting $15,000 in damages.

Florida Slip and Fall Law Basics

The term slip and fall covers an array of accidents.  Generally, slip and fall refers to anytime someone loses their footing, falls, and sustains injuries while on the property of another. There are several types of slip and fall accidents, including:

  • Slip and fall—when a slippery liquid or object causes someone to fall
  • Trip and fall—when a person trips on an object in their way or on an uneven surface
  • Step and fall—falls caused by holes or low spots on the pavement

Falls occur daily, but not all falls involve negligence.  Under premises liability law in Florida, all businesses and landowners must keep their property in reasonably safe condition for guests or customers.  If the owner or manager knows or should know that the property is not safe, they must address the problem quickly.  If the problem is not promptly fixed and a person falls as a result, the owner or manager of the property may be held accountable for the injuries.

Proving Your Slip and Fall Case

In order to succeed with your Florida slip and fall case, you will need to prove several factors.  The first is that the owner or business owed a duty of care to the injured person.  For instance, a business open to the public owes a duty of care to guests.  Next, you must establish that the business did not use reasonable care in maintaining the property.  Finally, you must show causally that this failure to use reasonable care resulted in your injury.  Your Miami personal injury lawyer will assist in building your case and recovering the damages you deserve.

Greenberg, Stone, & Urbano:  Over 130 Collective Years of Experience

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