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Miami Car Accident Attorneys Discuss Tips to Avoid Distracted Driving

In the holiday season, there are many distractions that can pull a driver’s attention off the road at a critical moment. Distracted driving leads to hundreds of thousands of injuries every year, as well as thousands of fatalities. While there are many different activities that can distract a driver, there also are steps that a person can take to minimize the distractions. It is important to do everything possible to keep your eyes on the road and your attention focused.

When a person has allowed distractions to lead to a car accident where another individual has been injured, the knowledgeable and compassionate Miami car accident lawyers at Greenberg Stone and Urbano are ready to help. With more than 130 years of collective experience in representing the interests of car accident victims, our attorneys understand how to fight for the compensation that our clients’ needs.

Before that accident happens, there are some of the steps that a driver can take to limit distracted driving include:

• Eliminate the temptation of the cell phone – placing the phone on silent means that calls and texts can wait until the driver reaches his or her destination;

• Let friends and family know that you will not answer the phone while driving – many times, a person feels like he or she has to respond to people immediately. However, if it is an established policy that driving is a black-out period, it can create a situation where the driver does not feel obligated to respond to that text;

• If there is a need to talk to someone, it is important to pull off the road in a safe manner;

• Do not place too much reliance on technology – the ease of GPS and other electronic devices means that many drivers do not take the time to familiarize themselves with the route and directions before turning on the ignition. However, spending a little time learning how the trip is going to proceed may eliminate some distraction during the journey;

• Make sure that pets are secured – a dog who jumps into the front seat can cause a loss of focus and even swerving or other sudden motions. If the pets are traveling in the car, they should be secured in such a way that they cannot interfere with the driver;

• Recognize children as a distraction – many parents are so used to multi-tasking that they do not think about turning in the seat and interacting with the children. Drivers should create an environment where there is minimal back-and-forth with the kids. If it is necessary to deal with a situation, the driver should pull off the road; and
• Avoid common distractions – actions such as eating, drinking, applying make-up, and even smoking can be dangerous distractions.

There are many things that a person can do to limit the impact that common distractions can have on the safe operation of a vehicle. When a person chooses not to take these precautions and there is an accident, he or she may be liable for the harm that he causes.

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