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The Inconvenience of Parking Lot Accidents

Safety is always the most important consideration when addressing automobile accidents. Damage to your car should be an afterthought when you are lucky to be alive. However, when an accident occurs in a parking lot, injury tends not to be as much of a concern as the damage to your car. Our Miami car accident lawyers know that parking lot accidents can occur in a variety of ways. They could involve just one car, two cars, three cars or even more cars. Some common parking lot accident scenarios include (but are certainly not limited to) the following:

• Backing up at the same time as another car, hitting the car back bumper to back bumper;

• Backing into a concrete wall in a parking garage, or turning into a concrete pole while entering or leaving a parking space in a parking garage;
• Putting the gear of your car in drive instead of reverse when trying to back out of a parking space, hitting the car parked in front of you;

• Talking on your phone and pulling out right as another car is driving down the parking lot lane, colliding with the other car; and
• Backing out from a parking spot without seeing a pedestrian, hitting and knocking the pedestrian over
When there are so many ways to have an accident in a parking lot or parking garage, it is extremely difficult to blame one party or another. For example, if two cars are backing out at the same time and hit each other, who should be at fault for that accident? Oftentimes, fault may be assessed 50/50, as this is the most fair result. However, if you run into a car because you move forward instead of reverse, as intended, or if you back up and hit a pedestrian, fault will more likely than not be placed on you.

When You Cause Your Own Accident

Perhaps the most frustrating type of parking lot accident is the one where you are the only person involved. Many of us have been there before. You think you have enough room to back out, and then you hear a “boom.” You wonder how it’s even possible you could have hit that concrete wall or concrete pole. Now you are stuck with the damage you have caused to your car . . . all by yourself.

When this happens, the first thing to do is to be glad you are safe, and always remember, it could be worse. The second thing to do is to get an estimate on what kind of damage you caused, and maybe file an insurance claim, depending on how much it may cost to fix the damage. Sometimes it is better to pay to fix the car damage out of pocket so that your insurance rates don’t increase. On other occasions, when the cost to repair is substantial, filing an insurance claim might be more economical for you.

How You Can Avoid a Parking Lot Accident

While not every automobile accident is preventable, parking lot accidents certainly are. Treat the parking lot as you do the roadway. Assume there are other people and cars around at all times so that you are overly cautious. If you need to take a phone call, finish the call before you drive out of the parking lot. Make sure your gear is in “reverse” when you are trying to back out, and not in “drive.” You should always back out slowly so that you don’t hit a concrete wall or pole. Just one small mistake could cost you thousands of unnecessary dollars.

If you have been in a parking lot accident, you should speak with a Miami Parking Lot Accident Attorney as soon as possible to determine if someone else may have been at fault for your accident. Remember that parking lot accidents can often be difficult to prove, so the sooner you speak with someone, and the more you can recall about the accident, the better. An attorney can also assist you with any insurance claim you may need to file.

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