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The Importance of Wearing Seatbelts – Teenager Dies Of Traumatic Injuries From Car Accident

Most Florida drivers wear their seatbelts when driving. However, the younger population still feels invincible, that there’s no way anything could happen to them as a result of not wearing a seatbelt. Earlier this month, a young Florida woman died from a collision with another young woman. Both cars collided in the middle of the roadway, as one driver was going northbound, and the other driver was going southbound. The young woman who died from the accident was in the front passenger compartment when authorities arrived. The other woman survived the accident, however, neither was wearing a seatbelt.

While there is some evidence that the surviving woman may have been under the influence of alcohol, it is likely the deceased occupant would have survived had she been wearing her seatbelt. This young lady would not have been violently thrown forward into the dash and windshield. Our Miami car accident lawyers understand even though the airbags in both cars deployed, this doesn’t help drivers or occupants who do not wear seatbelts. This airbag could have served its purpose if the young woman had been wearing her seatbelt which would have held her in her seat.

Why Are Younger Drivers So Resistant To Wearing Seatbelts?

Most high schools will have reenactments to show how easily young drivers can be killed from accidents caused by driving under the influence. But, is enough emphasis placed on wearing seatbelts? Surely driver’s education and the authorities presenting the reenactments stress the importance of wearing seatbelts, however, young drivers still tend to think it is better, or “cool” to drive without a seatbelt. Perhaps the penalties for not wearing a seatbelt are not strict enough in Florida.

Currently under Florida law, police officers can pull drivers over for not wearing seatbelts, and drivers are issued a $30 citation. Miami parking regulations issue citations ranging from $18 to $253.00, depending on the particular incident. The minimum fine is issued as a result of overtime parking in one spot, whereas the most significant charge relates to parking in a “disabled permit only” space.

Maybe Florida law needs to be adjusted to fine individuals much more for not wearing a seatbelt and much less for a parking violation. Parking violations are not nearly as dangerous as seatbelt violations. It is interesting that one instance of not wearing a seatbelt can result in death or serious injury, while it is highly unlikely an illegally parked car can result in death. If there is no influential deterrent effect to teach our young drivers to wear their seatbelts at all times, then it is no wonder seatbelt laws are not taken seriously by the younger population.

How Not Wearing a Seatbelt Can Harm a Personal Injury Case
If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in a car accident, you may have a cause of action if the other driver was at fault. However, if the victim was not wearing a seatbelt, this reduce the amount of recovery for the victim . It may not seem fair that a supposed drunk driver who caused a car accident may not be liable for 100% of the victim’s injuries, however, there’s always the question of how wearing a seatbelt could have minimized the victim’s injuries Failure to use a seatbelt may not have arole in your accident claim as seatbelts do not prevent all injuries This is a very important reason to always wear a seatbelt because they really do save lives. The story of the young woman’s death discussed above should be a lesson to all young drivers that they are not invincible – they are human, and humans make mistakes and can suffer serious injuries or death as a result of automobile accidents.

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