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How Much Do You Know about Taxicab Safety in Miami?

When you drive in the Miami area, you share the road with approximately 4,500 taxicabs. Accidents with taxicabs can be caused by many things, including driver fatigue, recklessness, failure to properly maintain a vehicle, and speeding among others.. If you depend on taxicabs for transportation in and around Miami, you can increase your chances of getting a safe ride by learning more about the taxicab business in Miami. Our Miami personal injury lawyers offer some important things to consider in this regard:

• Did you know that you have certain rights when you are a passenger in a “for-hire” taxi in Miami? The Taxicab Passenger Bill of Rights includes things like the right to ride in a smoke free vehicle, the right to ride in an air conditioned vehicle, the right to ride with a chauffeur who knows and abides by all local traffic laws, and the right to know your chauffeur’s registration number, among other things. If you frequently use taxicabs for transportation in and around Miami, it is a good idea to educate yourself about these rights so that you can take appropriate action if any of them are violated. It’s also a good idea to note the cab number and driver information, should you leave something in the cab.

• Use caution when choosing which taxicab to get you to your final destination. Illegal taxicabs are as much of a problem in Miami as they are in other large cities, and they present a threat to your safety as well as the safety of other drivers, passengers, and pedestrians on the road. Choose to ride only in taxicabs which have the telephone number displayed on both sides of the vehicle, the word “Taxi”, “Cab”, or “Taxicab” displayed prominently on both sides of the vehicle, the driver’s rate card and taxi driver’s license visible inside of the vehicle, and the license number displayed in at least six places on the vehicle.

• If you can, arrange for your taxicab ahead of time instead of hailing it out on the street. It is safer to wait for your taxicab inside, as stepping into the street to hail a taxicab puts you at risk of being hit by not only taxicabs, but other drivers as well. Also, if you will be calling to arrange for a taxicab, do a quick check of the internet for ratings and reviews. Passengers who felt unsafe or were injured by careless taxi drivers often feel compelled to share this information with the general public in the form of negative reviews, in the hopes that they might warn others of the dangers that they encountered.

• If you are involved in a Miami taxicab accident, you may be entitled to recover a greater amount of damages than you realize. Taxicabs are excluded from Florida’s no- fault insurance law, and this means that you can recover financially for any and all of the injuries that you sustained because of a taxi driver’s negligence. Medical bills for past and future treatment, lost wages, disabilities, and physical and emotional pain and suffering are just some of the damages that you may be able to recover with the help of a Miami Taxicab Accident Attorney.

If you or someone in your family has been injured in a Miami taxicab accident, you need an attorney who is familiar with the nuances of taxicab accident cases. The seasoned Miami Taxicab Accident Attorneys at Greenberg Stone and Urbano know exactly how to help the victims of taxicab accidents and their families obtain the maximum amount of recovery for their injuries and losses. Please call us at 1-888-499-9700 or 1-305-595-2400 to schedule a free, confidential consultation.

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