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Pothole Accidents Can Cause Serious Injuries for all Drivers in Florida

Unfortunately, it isn’t uncommon nowadays to notice potholes on roads located throughout the Miami-Dade area. Potholes refer to holes that form on roadways due in large part to normal wear and tear. Specifically, they occur when the upper most layer of an asphalt road has worn away to the point where the concrete base is exposed. To illustrate, when it rains, water collects within this gap, further increasing the size of the hole to the point where they can become deep and highly dangerous for drivers. During the hot summer months in Florida, it can also cause roads to become extensively damaged, leading to large potholes and other dangerous conditions.

While potholes of all shapes and sizes are hazardous no matter where they located, they often cause the most severe injuries in high density areas frequented by cars, trucks and other vehicles. Quite often, our motorcycle accident lawyers in Miami know how potholes can cause serious and life-threatening injuries, especially for those who drive road bikes and motorcycles, as they are not afforded the same levels of protection as other types of vehicles. For example, if a motorcyclist or road biker strikes a pothole, they can easily be ejected from their vehicle and sustain tragic injuries such as bone fractures, head, back and neck injuries, traumatic brain injury, severe concussions and even death.

While keep roads free of damages and defects is usually the duty of a local city or state entity, sometimes private people may also be responsible for maintaining them. Hence, if you have been hurt in a pothole-related accident, it may not be clear who should pay for your damages. It can also be highly challenging to sue a local or state government entity, given that there are more restrictions associated with suing these actors versus private ones. Pursuant to Florida law, there may be a number of added requirements and complications associated with suing a public entity. As such, it is important to speak with a law firm that fully understand the approach that these types of cases require in order to maximize your chances of recovering.

Overall, poorly maintained roads should never be tolerated. That’s why we urge you to contact the city or state in the event that you notice potholes and other hazardous road conditions within its respective jurisdictions. While not all accidents can be prevented, it is best to avoid roads that you know present these types of safety threats.

If you sustained injuries after striking a pothole with your bike, motorcycle or other vehicle, it is crucial that you contact an attorney experienced in handling these types of cases. Because causation can be difficult to prove in pothole related accidents, only a skilled attorney knows the ins and outs of holding parties responsible for your injuries, especially government entities.

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