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Parking Lot Accidents in Florida: What Drivers & Pedestrians Should Know

Surprisingly, parking lot-related accidents occur almost on a daily basis throughout the State of Florida. Though people tend to drive slowly while in a parking lot, many car accidents nonetheless occur due to numerous cars traveling in multiple directions, often within a limited amount of space. While many of these accidents do not result in serious injuries or death, others end up causing serious injuries and sometimes, claim innocent lives. The good news is that through following a few simple steps, parking lot accidents can be prevented.

In light of the above, the following are some crucial ways you can avoid being involved in a parking lot accident:

For pedestrians:

• Always watch where you are going when walking in a parking lot. No matter what, drivers of cars and other types of vehicles may have a hard time seeing you, whether through inattention or due to limited visibility.

• Do not assume that people are paying attention. Always look both ways before crossing lanes or the roads within a parking lot.

• Do not walk behind a car in a parking lot, especially if it is backing out. Many pedestrian-related accidents occur when a car strikes a person walking behind their car. Oftentimes, it is hard for drivers to see when backing out of a spot, making it important for you to take extra preventative measures.

• Always be super cautious when walking behind two parked cars.

• If you are standing outside a store or restaurant and there not concrete or steel pillars preventing cars from coming onto the sidewalk, move away. We have represented a number of people who were seriously injured in this manner. We are proud that as result of our bringing an action, appropriate barriers to protect the public were erected.

For Drivers:

• Always keep in mind that pedestrians are in the vicinity. Just like drivers, pedestrians can fall prey to a litany of distractions, making them less likely to pay attention to their surroundings.

• Do not assume that people walking around can see you when backing out of a parking space. Always look before pulling out.

• Do not cut across lanes or spaces within a parking lot. Only use designated thoroughfares to avoid striking others.

• Watch out for those that are more vulnerable to accidents, such as elderly persons and children.

• NEVER speed in a parking lot. Even the most serious accidents can occur at low speeds. When high speeds are thrown into the mix, the consequences can be deadly.
What to do if you were in a parking lot accident:

If you are involved in a car accident while in a parking lot, there are several points to consider should this happen to you:

• Make sure that no one has been injured. If so, call for help immediately.

• Exchange contact information with any witnesses and the other driver involved in the accident
• Take photos or video of the scene.

• Contact the owner of the lot and file an accident report. For instance, stores often have procedures by which they collect information related to accidents that occur on their property.

• Contact the police and your insurance carrier as soon as possible.

• Contact a qualified attorney to help you. For a variety of reasons, parking lot accidents can be rather complex cases. As such, having a qualified Miami Personal Injury Attorney by your side can help you maximize your chances of recovering for your injuries.

If you were injured in a parking lot accident in Florida, it is important to consult with an experienced Miami Car Accident Attorney who is capable of handling the complexities associated with these types of cases. Oftentimes, parking lot accidents are challenging prove and also, difficult to determine who the proper parties may be to sue. Sometimes a parking lot is owned by a private entity, while others are maintained by a municipality. Whatever the situation presents, without seasoned legal representation, your average attorney may not have the knowledge necessary to maximize your chances of recovery.

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