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New Non-Invasive Stimulation Technique May Help Patients With Spinal Cord Injuries

Scientists have used a new form of non-invasive stimulation that consists of sending electrical impulses from the brain’s motor cortex to the spinal cord of patients partially paralyzed as a result of an injury to improve a patient’s ability to move.

According to, researchers conducted the experiment by delivering 100 paired pulses of trans-cranial magnetic stimulation every 10 seconds for a period of around 20 minutes to produce the necessary volleys of neural activity.

By using this form of noninvasive stimulation, researchers were able to temporarily improve the ability of individuals with spinal cord injuries to use their hands. The study included 19 patients with spinal cord injuries and 14 uninjured people. The treatment protocol was customized for each individual. Following the treatment, participants were able to exert more force with their hand muscles and greater manual dexterity when each was asked to manipulate and grasp small pegs with their index fingers and thumb.

According to one of the authors of the study, this non-invasive technique could be used as a rehabilitation tool in a clinic environment. Apparently, an increase in spinal cord transmission and a voluntary motor output was observed for up to 80 minutes after the pulses from the motor cortex were precisely timed to arrive at the spinal cord. These results lead researchers to believe that a prolonged use of this technique together with other rehabilitation strategies may produce greater therapeutic benefits.

Useful For Treating Other Disorders

Scientists believe that this protocol might be useful treating other disorders where the spinal cord and a patient’s nerves has been damaged. According to one of the authors of the study, “human electrophysiology can be a powerful tool for developing therapies and may help improve present rehabilitation strategies.”

Not Inexpensive Treatments

Of course, victims of spinal cord injuries will continue to face long and expensive specialized rehabilitation. Those victims of a car accident, a motorcycle accident, a tractor-trailer accident, an amusement park accident or any other kind of accident caused by someone else’s negligence need the help of an experienced trial lawyer that can get them the funds they need for their rehabilitation therapy, as well as for their daily survival and paying their day to day expenses and supporting their families.. It is very important that they hire a qualified lawyer soon after their injury and allow the lawyer to begin working on their case immediately. Their attorney will then be in a position to do the same thing the attorneys for their opponents’ insurance companies are doing from the moment of the accident: preserving evidence and speaking with potential witnesses while the incident is fresh in their minds.

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