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FDA Approves Stem Cell Transplants To Treat SCIs

The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has given a green light to Neuralstem to test a human spinal stem cell transplantation therapy called NS!-566 on patients with spinal cord injuries. The first phase of the program will involve eight patients that suffered their injuries between one and two years before the treatment, with those injuries having caused complete paralysis below the level of their spinal cord damage.

All patients in the study will receive six injections of stem cells, followed by physical therapy and drugs to prevent the body from rejecting the stem cells. However, half of the patients in the study patients will receive doses lower than the other half in order to determine the right amount necessary not only to accomplish the maximum improvement possible, but the to avoid adverse reactions.

According to, the main purpose of the trial is to evaluate how safe is NSI-566. The company will also test how well the transplanted grafts survive and more importantly, whether those stem cell grafts are actually effective in helping increase function lost as a result of the injury, like motor and sensory function, as well as bowel and bladder control.

Successful Tests On Lab Rats

Studies conducted by Neuralstem on paralyzed laboratory rats proved successful in having NSI-566 turn into neurons across the break in the spinal cord, which resulted in a significant recovery of loco-motor function. NSI-566 has already been tested in a phase 1 trial on patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or Lou Gehrig’s disease.

As we have discussed in previous posts, the gravest form of injury to a spinal cord is when the cord itself is severed at some point. Such an injury prevents the orders sent by the brain to the spinal cord (by way of electrical impulses) commanding it to move the limbs and other parts of the body. With NSI-566 helping bridge the gap across the injured area of the spinal cord, those signals once again flow, allowing for sensory and motor functions to resume. The tests performed by Neuralstem have not produced a complete cure to paralysis, but are without a doubt an important step in that direction.

However, these experimental treatments are not cheap. For victims who are paralyzed due to the negligent acts of others, an experienced personal injury, trial attorney may be the only way to obtain the compensation they need to pay for medical treatment, including rehabilitation therapy, as well as daily living expenses.

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