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Cooling Down Brain After Head Trauma Produces Less Seizures Later

Scientists at the University of Washington have discovered a direct correlation between cooling the brain just 2 degrees Celsius after trauma can lead to the complete eradication of seizures afterwards.

According to, Dr. Raimondo D’Ambrosio, lead author of the study said that “these findings demonstrate for the first time that prevention of epileptic seizures after traumatic brain injury is possible, and that epilepsy prophylaxis in patients could be achieved more easily than previously thought.”

Common Result

Epileptic attacks, as seizures are also called, are a direct result of genetic defects or brain damage caused by trauma. Considering that over 1.7 million people suffer traumatic brain injuries each year in the United States alone, it is not uncommon for many of the injured to suffer from seizures as a long term effect. In fact, traumatic brain injury is the leading cause of seizures in young adults.

Epileptic seizures are incurable and very difficult to manage with medication. The mechanisms behind the beginning of seizures after a brain injury are unknown. Consequently, news that they can be prevented is a medical breakthrough.

The Study

Researchers used lab rats to conduct their study. They used animals that developed chronic spontaneous recurrent seizures (the typical scenario for epilepsy) after a head injury just like those leading to epilepsy in humans. The rats randomly divided into two groups: one whose brains would be cooled just 2 degrees Celsius (a degree of cooling known to be safe and to decrease mortality in patients with head injuries) and another who would just be mock-cooled. The results were that just by cooling 2 degrees Celsius for 5 weeks beginning the third day after the injury virtually abolished the occurrence of epileptic seizures afterwards. Additionally, the treatment produced no other pathology or inflammation and restored neuronal activity depressed by the injury.

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