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Health Insurance and Spinal Cord Injuries

Typical health insurance plans will cover less than a month of rehabilitation therapy for patients with spinal cord injuries. Such was the case of Anthony Purcell, a teen that got injured after diving into the Florida surf.

Injured, But Determined

Immediately after the accident, Anthony felt he was dying. A cousin got him out of the water because he could not move: his neck was broken and his spinal cord injured. Although paralyzed, his mother was determined to get him back on his feet.

However, although rehabilitation therapy is key to accomplish that goal, Anthony’s insurance company only covered the first 20 days of therapy. Fortunately, his family could afford to continue with his intensive therapy at Project Walk in Carlsbad. Unfortunately, many other patients with spinal cord injuries can’t afford rehabilitation therapy with their own funds. Consequently, Anthony’s family founded the non-profit organization “Walking With Anthony” to help finance the rehabilitation therapy of other people with spinal cord injuries.

According to Micki Purcell, Anthony’s mother, “the medical (insurance) system has turned their back on spinal cord injury and its criminal.” She continued saying: “you can’t put a price on helping one person getting stronger and healthier.”

One person that has already benefitted from “Walking With Anthony” is Erica Pendrum, an Indiana mother paralyzed from the chest down after a car accident. According to Erica: “Walking With Anthony helped me change my outlook on my recovery.” “They helped me realize I was capable of doing things I was once told I could never do.”

Costly Proposition

The average first year cost for treating a spinal cord injury is $200,000.00. Statistics show that 40 percent of all the spinal cord injuries that occur each year in this country are related to motor vehicle accidents, far more than those related to sports.

All these victims have common tribulations and trials they must go through in order to bring what little degree of normalcy their specific injury allows to their lives. As Anthony himself has stated regarding his slow progress: “I don’t even care how it is. It might not be controlled but still, just putting my left foot forward — looking down below and seeing that it happened is relief and shows hope.”

However, accident victims largely depend on the insurance policies of those whose negligent actions caused their injuries and needless to say, funds from the wrongdoers’ insurance policies will not be very forthcoming unless their insurance companies are forced to pay by a lawyer that knows how to handle these cases from inception.

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The Lawyers of Greenberg Stone and Urbano Can Help

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