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Tragic Death of 2-Year-Old Boy at Pittsburgh Zoo

According to, 2-year-old boy died tragically Sunday morning when he fell into the African wild dogs exhibit at the Pittsburgh Zoo and was attacked by 11 dogs. The boy was placed by his mother on top of the railing at the edge of a viewing deck in order to give him a better view of the animals in the exhibit. Almost immediately thereafter he lost balance and fell in, where he was attacked by 11 dogs in plain view of his mother and bystanders.

Horrific Scene

Authorities say that the dogs attacked the boy as soon he fell into the pit and that although police and zookeepers arrived within minutes, it was too late. Witnesses say that it was a horrific scene dominated by screams for help. First, zookeepers managed to call off some of the dogs, with seven of them immediately withdrawing to a back building. Eventually three more dogs were drawn away from the child, but an overly aggressive one had to be shot dead by police.

African wild dogs (or painted dogs, as they are also called) are roughly the size of a medium-sized domestic dog and weigh between 37 and 80 pounds. With large, rounded ears, they have distinctive dark brown circles around their eyes, hence why they are called “painted.” They are very aggressive and territorial, usually hunting in packs in their natural habitat in Africa.

The president of the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium, Barbara Baker, said that it was not clear yet whether the boy died of the fall or was killed by the dogs. Both the Zoo and the Pittsburg police are conducting separate investigations. The Pittsburgh Zoo successfully completed its 5-year review recently, meeting or exceeding all safety standards. However, last May some of the dogs did crawl under a fence and escaped into a part of the exhibit that is usually closed, causing the zoo to be locked down for about an hour.

Moreover, although Steve Feldman, a spokesperson for the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, claims that no one he has talked to recalls an incident in which a child has died at an accredited zoo in the last 40 years or more, cases of people being attacked by animals at zoos are not uncommon. For example, last September a man jumped from an elevated viewing train into the tigers’ pit at the Bronx zoo and was severely injured by the animals.

Similarly, in 2007 a tiger jumped over a wall at the San Francisco zoo, killing one visitor and wounding two others.

Zoo May Be Liable

Although the mother of the child in this case may have been negligent when she placed her son on top of the railing, the zoo may still be found liable: according to Lt. Kevin Kraus of the Pittsburgh police, there is no fence high enough to prevent visitors from jumping into the wild dogs’ exhibit….

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