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Better Way To Predict Recovery of Patients With Spinal Cord Injuries

According to, a new model to help predict with a greater degree of accuracy the chances for recovery of patients with spinal cord injuries has been published in the Journal of Neuro-trauma. The new prediction model is based on a patient’s motor scores at the time of admission, as well as early imaging studies that may help doctors predict with a greater degree of accuracy the patient’s motor functional outcomes. The model would also help with decision making for the kind of therapy a particular patient should receive and what his or her care needs will be in the future.

Novel Prediction Model

The prediction model is a combination of acute functional measures and evidence of injury on MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), which includes swelling and bleeding around the spinal cord. The model was drawn from two large clinical datasets and could help guide treatment decisions, classification of patents for clinical trials, and counseling of patients and their families.

Authors of Article Speak Out

The authors of the article in question, Jefferson Wilson, MD, and Michael Fehlings, MD, PhD, from the University of Toronto and Toronto Western Hospital, Canada, as well as some of their American colleagues describe the prediction model and its potential applications in the article “A Clinical Prediction Model for Long-Term Functional Outcome after Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury Based on Acute Clinical and Imaging Factors.”

A doctor from the Miami Project to Cure Paralysis of the School of Medicine at the University of Miami, FL W. Dalton Dietrich, III, PhD,, and Deputy Editor of the Journal has stated that “this article provides important information that could help predict the potential for recovery after SCI and thereby direct treatment options.” Doctor Dietrich continued saying that “an important goal of medical research is to identify early surrogate markers that could assist treating physicians in determining appropriate therapeutic strategies”.

As informed in a recent post, the Miami Project to Cure Paralysis of the Miller School of Medicine at the University of Miami has received federal approval from the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) to conduct human trials transplanting Schwann cells from the legs of 8 patients into the injured areas of their spines in hopes of helping them recover sensation and function to their extremities. Similar experiments with lab rats and primates have yielded a 70 percent recovery in those areas.

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