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Antibody to Help Avoid Damage To Spine

Upon suffering a spinal cord injury, the body releases a molecule called lysophosphatidic acid (LPA) that promotes inflammation and nerve cell death. Doctors do not have a treatment to counteract the damage caused by this natural defense mechanism. Until now…

The Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute (ARMI) of Monash University and the Centre for Eye Research Australia have published a research in the American Journal of Pathology detailing how a new antibody created by the American therapeutic antibody company Lpath block the effects of LPA.

According to, by administering the antibody soon after the injury occurred, the research team led by Dr Yona Goldshmit of ARMI and Dr Alice Pébay of CERA, proved that it was possible to preserve nerve cells and limit the amount of scarring, while substantially reducing the losses in motor function.

Dr Pébay, who is the Head of CERA’s Neuroregeneration Unit, said the study offered great hope for a future pharmacological therapy for spinal cord injuries in humans. According to her, “Perhaps this drug will one day be administered in the back of an ambulance, as the patient is being transported to hospital.”

Other Problems Affecting Regeneration of Tissue in Injured Spinal Cord

As discussed in a recent post (see post dated 07/09/2012), scientists have discovered that when an injury to the spinal cord occurs, production of a certain protein (RhoA) increases. This protein blocks the regeneration of the nerve cells necessary for the damaged tissue to heal. Researchers at W.M. Keck Center for Collaborative Neuroscience, in collaboration with Quark Pharmaceuticals, Inc., have developed a chemically synthesized siRNA molecule that once administered to the injured spine decreases the production of the RhoA protein, therefore allowing the regeneration of the nerve cells.

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