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Pfizer’s Lyrica Approved by FDA for Use on Spinal Cord Injuries

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved the use of Pfizer, Inc.’s nerve pain drug Lyrica for use on some types of patients suffering spinal cord injuries. According to, the pharmaceutical company believes that about 40% of the 270,000 U.S. patients with spinal cord injuries suffer neuropathic pain, which makes their rehabilitation harder.

Long And Painful Rehabilitation Process

Patients that have suffered a spinal cord injury face a long and painful rehabilitation process. The pain is more acute on some patients than others but, as previously said, about 40% of these patients suffer varying degrees of neuropathic pain. Lyrica has proven successful helping diabetics manage neuropathic nerve pain.

Stem Cell Research

Besides traditional rehabilitation therapy, which has not been very successful by itself, scientists are looking into various methods of nerve regeneration to help these patients regain their mobility. For example, some pharmaceutical companies are studying the use of stem cells to help regenerate the damaged nerves. Stem cells are biological cells capable of dividing themselves into diverse specialized cell types and also capable of multiplying to produce more cells similar to them.

Humans have two broad kinds of stem cells: embryonic stem cells and adult stem cells. Both act as a repair system in adult bodies, helping replenish damaged tissue in a process similar to the healing of a flesh wound. The problem is that while coagulation forms a scab that allows for the skin to grow and eventually cover the injury, the regenerative process with stem cells inside the body is much more complex. First, scientists use protein cells, which induce the grouping of stem cells around the damaged area. Then, given how fast protein cells are absorbed by the body, scientists have had to create devices that serve as “scaffolding” that much like the scab in the flesh wound healing example, “stop the bleeding” of protein cells (and thus, of stem cells) holding them at the injured area long enough for the damaged nerves to be regenerated.

Even after the regenerative process described above, patients whose damaged nerves are successfully regenerated have to undergo extensive periods of painful rehabilitation and this is when drugs like Lyrica come into play.

We Can Help

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