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New Treatment for Deadly Brain Swelling

Researchers may have found a way to combat one of the major causes of mortality among traumatic brain injury victims: brain swelling. According to, scientists have devised a way to manipulate blood vessels and keep opened the tight junction channels between the vessels long enough for the fluids (mostly water) causing the swelling to drain back into the blood.

Major Cause of Mortality For T.B.I. Patients

Brain swelling is a very common cause of death among patients that have suffered a traumatic brain injury. As the brain swells inside the confines of the skull, the veins and arteries that bring oxygen are constricted and the vital flow of oxygen stops. This lack of oxygen causes brain cells to die. As the cells die, they decompose and release chemicals that cause the brain to swell further. If doctors don’t stop to this vicious circle, the patient dies.

According to Dr. Colin Doherty, MD, a Neurologist at St. James Hospital in Dublin, Ireland, “malignant brain swelling resulting from cardiac arrest, head injury, stroke or brain tumors is the single most common factor leading to death in Western society and plays a major role in worsening the outcome of those who survive. Consequently, anything done to reduce the effect of brain swelling will have a large impact in the outcome of these cases.

This new procedure is initiated by injecting a medication into a peripheral vein. This medication renders the blood vessels in the brain marginally and reversibly permeable to tiny molecules that make the fluid in the brain drain back into the blood. The medication is based on the use of RNA Interference, a technology that had an initial bumpy start within the pharmaceutical industry, but is planned to enter Phase I clinical trials both in Ireland and the United States soon.

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