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Failure To Use Turn Signals Leads To Accidents

In many ways, South Florida cities cannot compare to New York City, London or Paris. All these places have charms that make them special and famous: history, museums, theater, opera and other memorable attractions we lack. I’m not saying that our cities are lesser places, just different. We have charm those larger metropolis lack: weather, spectacular beaches, and our own very special melting pot of cultures that makes both our night life, as well as our daily existence a privileged one.

Too Many Drivers or Too Many Bad Drivers?

More to the point of this article, one thing that those cities have and ours lack is an efficient public transportation system. As a result, there are more of us on the road than there should be. As much money as we spend on road improvement and construction, our road capacity always seems to be trying to catch up to the demand. Yet, the worst part is not how many people call South Florida home, but how many of them seem to have no clue about the “rules of the road”. At times it feels like South Florida has some of the worst drivers in the Western hemisphere driving around in our cities.

Turn Signals?

A recent study, the first of its kind, points to 2 million motor vehicle accidents each year just because too many of us do not use our cars’ turn indicator signals as often as we should. By the way, that is more that twice the 950,000 accidents linked to other distractions, like texting or talking on the phone while driving.

Be it because of laziness, poor training, lack of courtesy or a combination of them all, the fact is that drivers forget to use their turn indicator signals (or to turn them off) 48 percent of the time when changing lanes. They also fail, around 25 percent of the time, to use the indicators when making a turn. It works out to about 2 billion times a day that drivers fail to use their signals or 750 billion times a year.

Electronic Solution?

In this study, researchers are proposing that car manufacturers equip vehicles with something they call a “Smart Turn Signal”. Basically, the new device would automatically shut off a turn indicator signal by timing out after a set delay or by detecting when a vehicle has finished changing lanes. Obviously, it would replace today’s mechanical trip mechanism, which cancels a turn indicator signal after we have made the turn.

Another Electronic Solution?

On the other hand, the nation’s top automotive safety regulator, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, is working with auto manufacturers researching the viability of vehicle-to-vehicle communications systems. Such technologies could alert surrounding drivers about another that is about to run a red light or send a warning to all nearby vehicles that there’s an icy patch of pavement ahead. Similarly, it could alert a driver that the car in the next lane seems to be about to change into his or her lane and cut them off. These technologies could help prevent most collisions, from rear-end crashes to intersection collisions and if viable, their implementation could be mandated by the NHTSA. Also, if these technologies end up being as effective as expected, they would help drive insurance rates down considerably and reduce injuries and fatalities.

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