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New Treatment To Help Traumatic Brain Injury Patients

A technology that has proven effective preventing cell death is being successfully tested to help with the recovery of patients suffering traumatic brain injuries. According to, a microcomputer vacuum pump is being used to help prevent further cell damage by toxic substances released around the injured area.

Vacuum Pump The Brain?

When the brain suffers an injury due to trauma, the damaged cells around the area where the impact happened die. These dead cells release toxic chemicals that make the brain swell, something that then restricts blood flow and oxygen level. Since our body (and all of its organs) depends on a healthy supply of oxygen for survival, this restriction of oxygen causes further cellular death and decay that affects brain function. Unless something is done to stop this cycle from repeating itself, patients’ recovery is compromised.

Consequently, scientists from Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center realized that if they wanted to help their patients recover, the harmful substances released into the body by the decaying cells had to be removed. That is how they came up with the idea of using the negative pressure generated by a microcomputer vacuum pump to remove the toxic fluids released by these damaged cells to help expedite their patients’ recovery.

Study Funded By The Department of Defense

Not surprisingly, the $1.5 million study that allowed for the development of this new technology was funded by the Department of Defense. Together with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), traumatic brain injuries have been dubbed the “hallmark injuries” of our soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq. Soldiers often suffer these injuries when insurgents explode their IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices) by the side of the road as our troop convoys pass by. The bomb’s shock wave travels through the skull and makes the brain bounce back and forth inside it, causing extensive injuries. The process is repeated as the body impacts parts of the vehicle in which the soldier is traveling (roof, dashboard, side columns) or outside objects like other vehicles, walls or the road, when the soldier is expelled from the vehicle. Unfortunately, something very similar happens everyday to ordinary people in all kinds of motor vehicle accidents (i.e., car accidents, motorcycle accidents, accidents with large commercial trucks like tractor-trailers or eighteen-wheelers). And this is where we can help.

The Lawyers of Greenberg, Stone & Urbano Can Help

With more than 70 years of combined experience, the lawyers of Greenberg Stone and Urbano are ready to help victims that have suffered any kind of traumatic brain injury as a result of an accident recover the funds they need for their rehabilitation. If you or a loved one have suffered a traumatic brain injury as a result of a car accident, a truck accident, an accident at an amusement park or as a result of any other kind of accident, you should immediately contact a law firm experienced in handling these cases. As stated before, a lawyer can help you seek financial compensation from those whose negligence caused your injuries as well as from their insurers. This financial compensation may include past and future medical expenses (including rehabilitation therapy), lost wages and pain and suffering.

Throughout the years, the Miami Dade County Car Accidents Law Offices of Greenberg, Stone & Urbano have represented many clients that have suffered traumatic brain injuries. Visit our website to learn more about our firm and contact us today for a free consultation.

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