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FDA Meets With Company Developing Treatments For Spinal Cord Injuries

The Food and Drug Administration held a meeting with InVivo Therapeutics Holdings Corp., a company currently developing advanced technologies for the treatment of patients suffering from spinal cord injuries. According to, InVivo has developed a biocompatible polymer-based scaffolding device. This device is expected to provide support to a damaged spinal cord and spare tissue from scarring, as well as improve a person’s recovery and prognosis after a traumatic SCI.

Why Meeting With The FDA?

The purpose of InVivo’s meeting with the FDA was to obtain an Investigational Device Exemption. This will allow InVivo to use their device in a clinical study in order to collect safety and effectiveness data which it will need to support approval by the FDA to use the device in the market.

Stem Cells, Progenitor Cells And Treatment of Spinal Cord Injuries

I’m sure that most of you have heard about the ongoing debate over the use of stem cells by medical experts trying to find cures for the many different illnesses that affect modern society. I’m also sure that almost everyone has heard of someone prostrated in bed or confined to a wheelchair after suffering a severe traumatic spinal cord injury. Even if you have not met or heard of someone personally, you are probably familiar with the late actor Christopher Reeve and the courageous battle he fought to help find a cure from the moment a horse riding accident left him paralyzed. The plight of these victims moves scientists to try and find a cure. However, what can stem cells do for SCI patients?

Both stem cells and progenitor cells are biological cells capable of dividing themselves into diverse specialized cell types and also capable of multiplying to produce more cells similar to them. Mammals have two broad kinds of stem cells: embryonic stem cells and adult stem cells. Both kinds of cells act as a repair system in adult bodies, helping replenish damaged tissue in a process similar to the healing of a flesh wound.

Scientists hope that stem cells will help regenerate tissue damaged as a result of spinal cord injuries. The problem is that while coagulation forms a scab that allows for the skin to grow and eventually cover the injury, the regenerative process with stem cells inside the body is a bit more complex…

First, to expedite the regenerative process, the stem cells have to be delivered in a specific direction to target the damaged parts of the injured organ – in this case the spinal cord. This “special delivery” is accomplished by using “protein cells” which induce the cells to group at the damaged area.

Second, since protein cells are typically absorbed by the body before the full regenerative process is done, scientists need to find a way to keep those cells in place. That is where InVivo’s biocompatible polymer-based scaffolding device comes in. It helps support the spine and, at the same time, helps attach the “protein cells” (and therefore, hold the stem cells) to the injured area while the regenerative process is accomplished. Much like the scab in the flesh wound healing example, InVivo’s biocompatible polymer-based scaffolding will help “stop the bleeding” of protein cells (and stem cells) while the wound heals.

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