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Traumatic Brain Injury May Come From Mild Blow To Head

A new study that looked at mild injuries to young athletes has found that traumatic brain injuries may happen even after what we would sometimes consider mild head blows.

Football Players Are Not The Only Victims of TBI

When parents in America think about sports that may cause serious injuries to their children, including traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injury, football is usually at the top of the list. Actually, it may be the only sport that comes to mind. After all, there is an extensive list of professional (as well as college and even high school) football players that serve as constant reminder of the dangerous nature of this sport. Unfortunately, we have even heard reports of injured professional football players committing suicide after years of struggling with the consequences of these head injuries. At least one such former player has donated his brain to science so that researchers may use it to better understand the nature of these injuries and come up with better treatments.

Yet, football is not the only sporting activity that may cause traumatic brain injuries to our children. Basketball players can get hurt as well. As researchers are beginning to realize, injury may happen even when an athlete does not lose consciousness. A small blow to the head can cause a victim to suffer headaches and memory loss. Repeated small blows can cause permanent head trauma.

Typical Injury of Soldiers and Car Accident Victims Too

Given the frequency of attacks perpetrated by insurgents with IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices), traumatic brain injuries, together with post traumatic stress disorder, have been called the hallmark injuries of soldiers returning from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. When an IED goes off, the expansive wave goes through the head and hurts the brain by making it bounce back and forth inside the skull, a process that is repeated when the victim’s body hits a wall, a vehicle or the road. The same happens to motor vehicle accident victims.

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