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Famous Hip Hop Singer Suffers Jet Ski Accident

According to the Miami Herald, Hip Hop singer Sean Kingston suffered a jet ski accident late Sunday evening and was subsequently taken to the Ryder Tauma Center at Jackson Memorial Hospital with critical injuries.

Hit Miami Beach Bridge

A spokesperson for the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission, Officer Jorge Pino, stated that 21 year old Mr. Kingston, had a female passenger with him when he collided with a bridge.

First Big Hit

Mr. Kingston became famous in 2007 when his song “Beautiful Girls” stayed at the top of the billboard charts for several weeks. He has since been on stage with several superstars, including Justin Bieber.

Saved By Another Boater

Mr. Kingston and his passenger were thrown into the water as a result of the collision with the Palm Island bridge. They were saved by another boater who was passing by, saw the accident and fished them out of the water.

Be it because of something the operator did or failed to do or because the jet ski itself suffered some kind of mechanical failure or failed to perform as expected, the fact remains that these events happen with alarming frequency in South Florida waters. Many of these accidents happen because of a lack of adequate training by operators, who just don’t know how to safely operate their jet skis. For example, a common cause for these accidents is that operators do not realize that when the personal watercraft is idling or not being given sufficient power, there is no steering control.

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