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Florida Cities Ranked “Most Dangerous For Pedestrians In The Nation”

Four Florida cities are among the top ten most dangerous cities for pedestrians in the United States, according to USA Today.

Orlando is No. 1

A study by Transportation for America, a safety advocacy coalition, found the Orlando – Kissimmee metro area to be the deadliest metro area for pedestrians in the United States with 550 pedestrians killed in the last decade alone. The list included only cities with more than one million inhabitants. With Tampa – St. Petersburg – Clearwater as number 2; Jacksonville as number 3 and Miami – Ft. Lauderdale – Pompano Beach as number 4, Florida was the State with more cities on the list.

Yet, In Spite of the Ranking, Number of Pedestrian Accidents is Down

Although the study found that more than 47,700 pedestrians died in accidents during the past 10 years and more than 688,000 were injured nationwide, the numbers show a drop of 14% in the number of pedestrian fatalities.

Wrongfully Called Accidents

The Director of Transportation for America, James Corless, says that calling them “accidents” as if they were facts of life is wrong because traffic crashes involving pedestrians are preventable. The study states that while many of America’s roads are built wide and with sufficient lanes so as to facilitate the transportation of large quantities of vehicles, they are not always built and maintained with pedestrian safety in mind. Many times known dangerous roads are the result of poor maintenance or a failure of the governmental authority to warn of a known danger.

Florida’s balmy weather allows for a lot of outdoor activities. The Orlando – Kissimmee area is the largest tourist destination in the country and has many busy roads. This may explain why this metro area holds the dubious honor of being the city with the most pedestrian fatalities in the country.

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