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Park Where Florida Girl Fell Will Soon Reopen

The Wisconsin park where 12 year old Teagan Marti was injured last year will soon reopen with new owners, according to an article from The Associated Press.

Safety Devices Were Never Deployed

Last July 30, Teagan, who lives in Parkland, Florida, was riding Terminal Velocity, a ride where people drop on free fall for about 30 meters before nets and airbags catch them. The problem is that the safety devices were never deployed when Teagan’s turn came, causing her to hit the hard concrete and suffer extensive injuries to the brain, spine and pelvis, as well as other internal injuries. She spent more than two months at Jackson Memorial Hospital, from where she was finally released last October. She faces a long rehabilitation process.

The park, Extreme World, reached an undisclosed settlement agreement with Teagan’s family, despite being in foreclosure since before the accident. Apparently, the owners of the park next door, Alligator Alley, have now bought Extreme World.

Operator Sentenced

Following the accident, investigators found that the operator of the ride, Charles Carnell, did not follow protocol. He himself acknowledged that he had “blanked out” and never saw the “all clear” signal before releasing Teagan. Mr. Carnell was convicted of felony second-degree reckless injury in February and sentenced to pay $268.00 in court fees and ordered to give a DNA sample…

Park Owners Responsible For Patron’s Safety

Under Florida Law, amusement park owners and/or operators are responsible for the safety of their patrons. Whether the accident was caused by a malfunctioning ride or an untrained (or negligently supervised) ride operator, the owners may face liability for the resulting injuries.

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