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German Shepperd Attacks Children in Homestead

A German Shepherd mix breed recently attacked three children in Homestead. Apparently, it was the guard dog at a business across the street from where the children live and the business was closed for the day. Subsequent police investigation showed that the dog dug a whole under the fence, ran across the street to where the children were playing and attacked them.

Saved his younger brother

As soon as they saw the dog charging at them, the two smaller boys hid under a vehicle parked nearby. Then the oldest, 7 year old Timo Perez, blocked the attacking dog with his body, not allowing it to reach his younger companions. The children’s father heard their screams and grabbed a shovel, repeatedly hitting the dog until it left. Timo was bitten in his arm, shoulder and head and had to be taken to Miami Children’s Hospital.

Police cites dog owner

Police has cited the owner of the dog, while the animal has been euthanized. Florida Law establishes that animal owners are generally responsible when their pets (in this case a dog) attack people. This is specially true when the attack was unprovoked and happened while the animal was roaming free. Consequently, whether criminal charges are filed or not, the dog owner may have civil liability.

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