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New York Tour Bus Crash Raises Concerns Over Driver Fatigue

The deadly weekend tour bus crash that killed 15 passengers in New York is raising concerns over fatigue affecting drivers of buses and tractor -trailers, according to an article on

Driver Claims Bus Sideswiped By Eighteen Wheeler

The bus was returning to New York City with a group that had visited a Connecticut casino when it crashed early last Saturday morning. The driver, Ophadell Williams, told police that the bus had been sideswiped by a big tractor trailer. However, State police said that another driver who had been following the bus that morning told them he had seen the bus weaving in and out of traffic, which makes authorities suspect that Mr. Williams may have dozed off while at the wheel. Similarly, bus passengers have claimed that the bus driver fell asleep several times before the accident. Regardless, the investigation continues and authorities are looking into the information contained in the bus’ “black box”, according to an article in AllMediaNY.

Tour Bus Company Cited Before

According to the article by AllMediaNY, the tour bus company, World Wide Travel, had been cited five times before by the federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration for “driver fatigue”.

Horrendous Injuries

An article on the Long Island Exchange quotes emergency workers saying that they had to cut into the bus to be able to reach the injured passengers. The injuries included brain trauma, skull fractures and internal bleeding. Most of the injured were taken Jacobi Medical Center in the Bronx, where many had to undergo surgery.

Bus Company Responsible for Passenger’s Safety

Tour bus operators are responsible for the safety of the passengers they transport. Unfortunately, sometimes drivers work for too many hours, which causes fatigue and can lead to accidents like this. It is the responsibility of the company to make sure that it’s drivers are not working longer hours than they should or, in the alternative, to assign additional drivers on longer trips or trips where the operation of the vehicle would not allow for one driver to have sufficient rest.

Sadly, the injuries of some of these passengers may require extensive rehabilitation and some may not have medical insurance. In that case, their only hope lies with a personal injury law firm that knows how to handle motor vehicle accident cases and can help them recover from the tour bus operator or it’s insurance carrier funds sufficient to pay for their recovery.

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