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Technology Aids in Event of Accident

A new, more comprehensive, “Black Box” system for motor vehicles will be available later this year.

In-Vehicle Event Management System (IVEMS)

This technology is not new. Event data recorders that keep records of things like the speed a vehicle was traveling at a certain time; failures of a number of mechanical or electronic systems, etc. have been around for a while.

Not Popular Among Common Car Owners

However, while the system’s tracking capabilities have been popular among fleet operators (cab companies, trucking companies, etc.) because it allows them, among other things, to control their driver’s movements, these systems are not popular among regular car owners because of privacy concerns…And such concerns may only be heightened by the ability of this new In-Vehicle Event Management System (IVEMS) to store not only electronic data related to system’s failures, but digital video surveillance data as well.

Not Popular, Yet Useful

While these systems may not be popular (for the stated reasons) among average car owners, they can certainly prove useful to them in some cases: our firm represented the estate of a Plantation woman who was killed as she stood in the emergency lane on I-595 in Davie, waiting for help when her car broke down. A speeding Cadillac Escalade struck her and the SUV driver stated that he was traveling within the speed limit. Our prompt involvement and careful investigation allowed us to recover the vehicle’s black box, which showed that the driver was actually traveling more than 20 miles per hour over the posted speed limit. We recovered a substantial settlement in the ensuing wrongful death action for victim’s two minor children.

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