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Four Teenage Pedestrians Struck by SUV in Hialeah

Apparently, as they walked home from school, four teenagers were hit by a driver who seems to have passed out at the wheel and lost control of his SUV.

One of the teens lost his life, two remain in critical condition and one is stable at Jackson Memorial Hospital. It is unknown at this time whether the driver, who was also airlifted to the same hospital, will face charges.

Criminal Charges And Liability Unknown

The unfortunate circumstances of this accident may shield the driver from criminal charges and civil liability. If the events were caused by a medical condition over which the driver had no control and had no knowledge or warning of, the likelihood of him facing either is slim. However, while the State Attorneys Office will decide whether he should face criminal charges, they will not make a determination on whether the driver has incurred civil liability. These victims or their loved ones can only make an educated decision as to whether they can pursue a civil action against the driver and his insurance company after they consult a personal injury attorney. They should not accept a determination made by the driver’s insurance carrier in this regard, as insurance companies are not there to help innocent victims, but rather, to limit their exposure. Consulting with a personal injury attorney will not cost them money but only a little of their time, since personal injury attorneys in Florida will not charge them unless they win the case.

Consult With A Personal Injury Attorney

As sad as this whole incident is and as unintended as the driver’s actions seem to have been, someone lost his life and three others suffered significant injuries…

In a perfect World, the dead teenager’s family (as well as the families of the injured) should be able to peacefully mourn their unbearable loss and/or deal with their kid’s recovery without having to worry about funeral costs, medical bills or physical therapy and rehabilitation costs…Unfortunately, this is not a perfect World, which is why these families need to talk to an attorney experienced in personal injury as soon as possible. The driver’s insurance company has by now already gathered evidence from the scene of the accident, probably even interviewed witnesses…The longer these families wait to talk to an attorney, the stronger the insurance company’s position will become. This seems contrary to the belief shared by many that they should wait until the injured person recovers or the descendent is mourned. It is not. By waiting, valuable time is lost while the insurance company, it’s lawyer’s and investigators are hard at work. Often, the difference between winning and losing is the initial investigation.

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