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Another Pedestrian Accident in Miami

Unfortunately, as a recent CBS News article shows, we have had another incident where a local pedestrian has been hit by a motor vehicle, this time while boarding a public bus.

Elderly Pedestrian was Struck When Trying to Board the Bus

Apparently this time the offender could not drive away in his vehicle. That, however, did not stop him from simply walking away while the driver of the bus was calling 911 and commuters got off the bus to help the victim. The pedestrian, a 91 year old man was at the bus stop trying to board the bus when the offender’s SUV swerved out of control, jumped the curve and run him over. He remains in critical condition at Jackson Memorial’s Ryder Trauma Center.

Hit and Run Fequent in Miami

These cases keep happening with amazing regularity. Many remember the hit and run case of a tourist from Virginia that was struck last year in Miami Beach. Others remember the one where an elderly man was hit while standing on a sidewalk on Eight Street and 24th Avenue earlier last year.

It feels like for some South Florida drivers there’s an “open hunting season ” on pedestrians…

Don’t Do to Others What You Would Not Like Done to You

I like to believe that for most South Floridians, an accident is just that: an accident. The driver at fault did not intend for it to happen. Similarly, I like to believe that to redeem those we unintentionally hurt, most of us carry insurance. That should be the end of it. Unfortunately, there are those among us that despite loving to live in a civilized society, fail to understand the basic principles that support it…

While those who run may not have intended to cause the accident, they certainly do not lack the requisite intent that makes them criminals as they run. Now, when caught, they face civil liability as well as criminal prosecution. Yet, as difficult as it is in this day and age, let’s assume that they manage to somehow fulfill their intended objective to escape justice…Can they as easily “escape” their own conscience? An important message to those who respond in the affirmative: the next time you are the victim of an accident or of some form of social injustice and wonder why, don’t try and look for the answer in a book, just look in a mirror….

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