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Injured While Boating With a Friend or Relative: To Sue or Not to Sue…

Our country has millions of boaters. People use our waterways to fish, cruise, water ski and tube, wakeboard, and generally to have fun.

The captains of these pleasure crafts are responsible for the safety of those on board their vessel, the people in other boats as well as swimmers and divers. The captain of a boat has a responsibility to ensure that his/her boat is in a seaworthy condition and most importantly, that it is operated with the safety of everyone in mind.

Costly Mistakes

Often times, captains aboard pleasure vessels make mistakes and cause injuries to those on their boats or others. If you are injured on the boat of a friend or relative, you may feel awkward bringing a claim for your injuries because of the close friendship or familial relationship. This could also prove to be a major mistake as medical costs, lost wages and loss of future earning capacity become a reality due to your injuries. Additionally, you may suffer a loss of your capacity to enjoy life due to pain and suffering, disfigurement and/or the loss of your ability to engage in the daily activities you used to enjoy.

To Sue or Not to Sue: That is the Question…

Yet, understandably so, many would hesitate to pursue financial compensation from a dear friend or close relative. Why, you may reason, should I transfer my misfortune to them? After all, you may dwell, he (or she) did not mean to cause the accident or, specially, to hurt me…Accidents, you may conclude, are called “accidents” because they are not done “on purpose.”

However, while all your “considerations” may be true, who’s going to provide for you and more importantly, at least from my point of view, for your kids and family, now that you can’t?

You Are Not Seeking Financial Compensation From Your Friends, But From Their Insurance Company

Such seems to have been the qualm faced by the daughter of a man who drowned in a recent boating accident. Yet, as stated in the preceding news article, she did not hesitate to sue her own brother because it was the only way she could gain access the compensation she deserves, not from her brother’s money, but from the insurance company that sold him a policy that covers boating accidents.

Every boat captain has made a mistake just as every car driver has. It is when these errors in judgment result in injuries that our society holds us accountable. Your friend or relative should not be angry or upset with you for making a claim against his/her insurance carrier but rather, cooperate with you to the extent that they honestly own up to their errors, admit fault or responsibility and tell their insurance carrier to pay out the benefits that they contracted for in case they are at fault in an accident. A close friend or family relationship should in no way be affected by a claim against one’s insurance carrier.

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