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Woman killed in pedestrian accident in Lake Worth

An elderly woman was killed early this morning when an SUV struck her while crossing the intersection of Melaleuca Lane and Wiggins Road in Lake Worth. The victim, Fatemeh Kazemishahmirzadi, had just crossed in front of a vehicle in the lane closest to the median when she was hit by the vehicle in the next lane, apparently because the driver did not see her.

Under Florida Law, motor vehicles must yield to pedestrians, specially when the latter are crossing at an intersection. This rule applies whether the crossing is marked or not. However, such is not the only factor considered when determining who was at fault in accidents like this and the investigation continues to find facts, like whether the light was green and/or whether the driver could have seen the pedestrian.

According to the Florida Traffic Crash Statistics issued by the Florida Department of Higway Safety and Motor Vehicles, pedestrians between the ages of 75 and 84 account for 22.22 percent of all pedestrian fatalities that occurred while the pedestrian was crossing at an intersection in this State.

Deadliest State for Pedestrians

A USA Today article cites to federal statistics showing that 11.1% of all pedestrians killed in the U.S. during 2008 (latest year with relevant federal statistics) died in Florida, making it the deadliest state in the Union for pedestrians.

The causes:

1. Huge population growth: Florida’s population has multiplied by seven from 1950 to the present (2.8 million to 18.5 million).

2. Tourism: More than 80.3 million tourists visited Florida during 2009.

3. Weather: Florida’s favorable weather prompts people to spend more time outdoors year-round.

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