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Rider Has a Bike Accident in Miami

Not all people drive their cars in a safely manner. By the same token, not all young bikers ride recklessly. A young man from Miami was riding in a six lane road when a driver in the lane next to him suddenly decided to change lanes, cutting the rider off. The man in the motorcycle tried to avoid crashing into the other vehicle but in doing so lost control of his bike and fell. The fall gave him severe “road rash”, scarring, bruising and fractures. He subsequently retained the Law Offices of Greenberg Stone and Urbano to represent him.

Drivers Must be Mindful of Motorcycles When Changing Lanes

According to the Florida Drivers Handbook every driver must indicate their intentions to others with their turn signals. Being constantly aware of other vehicles in your vicinity is an important skill for drivers to safely operate their vehicles in our busy streets. That is why our cars come with rear and side view mirrors. Similarly, it is important to check for blind spots next to our own car before changing lanes. A driver who is about to change lanes must turn his head to see if there is a vehicle in his or her “blind spot”. For obvious reasons, all drivers under these circumstances must exercise special care to look for motorcycles, because they are smaller and more difficult to see. Our frequent failure to see motorcycles around or approaching our path is often the cause for crashes.

Thankfully, the last Traffic Crash Statistics Report released by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles in 2008 show a decrease in motorcycle accident related deaths and injuries. However, these still happen, often with devastating consequences. The report shows that the number of motorcycle accident related injuries in 2008 was 30. However, the number of deaths was 502. Many of these accidents may have been avoided if we paid as much attention to the road around us, as we pay to the road ahead of us.

If either you or a loved one have been injured in a motorcycle accident, we urge to contact a law firm experienced in handling this kind of cases. The Miami Dade County Motorcycle Accidents Attorneys of Greenberg, Stone & Urbano have handled many cases involving traffic fatalities, traumatic brain injuries and serious personal injuries. Visit our website to learn more about us and contact us today for a free consultation.

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