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Motorcycle Accident in South Florida

Contrary to common perception, not all young riders are reckless when riding their bikes. Our client, a 20 year old young man, was riding his motorcycle in a six lane road in Miami when a motorist suddenly decided to change lanes and cut him off. The young rider swerved trying to avoid a collision, but lost control of his motorcycle and fell. As a result, he suffered severe “road rash”, scarring (likely to become permanent), bruising and possible fractures.

Be Careful When Changing Lanes

The Florida Drivers Handbook clearly states that all drivers must look for other vehicles when changing lanes and signal their intentions to others with sufficient time before moving over. Being aware of other cars close to yours is essential for the safe operation of a vehicle in our roads. Rear and side view mirrors are there to help drivers check for those other cars. However, as the handbook reminds us, it is also important to check for blind spots next to our vehicle when changing lanes. A driver changing lanes must not only check his rear view mirrors and indicate his intentions with his turn signals, but turn his head to check for vehicles in his or her “blind spot” (i.e., spots not covered by the mirrors where there might be another vehicle next to us). This is specially necessary when the vehicle next to you is a motorcycle, which is smaller and therefore more difficult to spot. Many motorcycle crashes are caused when motorists fail to see motorcycles around or approaching their paths.

Florida Traffic Crash Statistics

The last Traffic Crash Statistics Report issued by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles shows that 30 people resulted injured in motorcycle related accident and that 502 people were killed in this type of accidents. This is a significant decrease with regards to previous years, yet these often devastating accidents still happen. Many of those accidents and injuries could have been avoided if motorists paid more attention to the road and “kept an eye out” for motorcycles riding close to their vehicles.

If you or a loved one have been injured while riding a motorcycle, we urge to contact a law firm with experience handling these cases. The Palm Beach County Motorcycle Accidents Attorneys of Greenberg, Stone & Urbano have handled many cases involving traffic fatalities, traumatic brain injuries and serious personal injuries. Visit our website to learn more about the firm and call us today for a free consultation.

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