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Tractor Trailer Crash on US-27 Kills Two

A tractor-trailer crashed into two parked cars in a northboound lane on US-27 in West Broward County early Thursday morning. The truck accident killed two young persons who have yet to be identified. Other passengers in the cars were rushed to Broward General Medical Center in serious condition the Sun Sentinel is reporting.

The truck accident closed northbound traffic on US-27 for more than six hours. The crash occurred aproximately six miles north of I-75.

Truck Accidents Common on US-27
US-27 or Okeechobee road as it is commonly known in the Miami and Broward areas, is one of the busiest roads for commercial motor carriers in the state. The road actually runs from Fort Wayne Indiana to Miami, and sees more than its fair share of tractor-trailer accidents and collisions involving large trucks.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of those injured and lost in this tragic crash. While we do not yet know the full specifics of this incident, truck accidents require a careful and thorough investigation as soon as possible after the accident takes place. Important evidence such as skid marks, road debris and witness accounts need to be recovered. Often, when time is wasted, crucial evidence may be compromised or disappear entirely.

Tractor trailer accidents and claims involving commercial motor vehicles are very different than ordinary car accident claims. There specific federal and state laws that need to be understood to properly handle these cases. Additionally, the injuries sustained by victims of truck driver negligence are usually severe, requiring long term care that will eventually need to be effectively presented to a jury.

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