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Defective Depuy Hips Found In Palm Beaches

Thousands of Palm Beach County residents are potentially subject to a recall of a defective prosthetic hip manufactured by Depuy Orthopedics, a subdivision of Johnson and Johnson. Depuy Orthopedics has instituted a recall of its ASR XL Acetabular Systems and the ASR Hip Resurfacing Systems. The products were used in hip replacement surgeries from July 2003 through August 2010. Approximately 93,000 of the defective hips were used in surgeries worldwide.

Inadequate testing, poor design and placing corporate greed ahead of public safety and welfare are all to blame for the use of the defective product. Some reports have stated that Depuy first began receiving reports of the defective ASR hip systems as early as 2007.

It is believed that the artificial joint is too small and shallow and that the device fails to bond properly resulting in a loose implant. Hundreds of reports have been made to the FDA about the Depuy ASR hip system, with complaints of loose hip cup, stained tissue and pseudotumors being found around the joint. More than 1 in 8 of the Depuy hips need to be replaced within 5 years, a failure rate of over 12%.

People have reported increased movement of the joint, popping or clicking sensations and a decreased range of motion in the hip. The defective product has also been shown to cause metallosis, a condition caused by movement of the implant which may result in the release of higher, potentially dangerous levels of chromium and cobalt ions into the body.

Depuy Makes Inadequate Offers to Resolve Hip Litigation

The official Website for the Depuy ASR recall makes clear that DePuy intends to cover reasonable and customary costs of testing and treatment associated with the ASR recall, including revision surgery if it is necessary. Of course, most people who have the defective product in their bodies agree that they would like a safer and more reliable product and opt for the revision surgery. Depuy however mentions nothing nothing about compensating the people injured by its defective product for their pain, suffering, and mental anguish associated with this ordeal.

Each revision of a joint replacement becomes more difficult for the surgeon and the patient. The surgery and the physical rehabilitation are much more strenuous and the recuperation will take much longer. You may also require extended hospital stays, live-in aids and home modifications, all of which can be very costly. Settling a case prematurely could mean compromising your right and being unable to collect for these damages. It is important to consult with an experienced defective product attorney who can anticipate your future needs before agreeing to anything with Depuy Orthopedics.

Recall Already Affecting Florida

Defective Product attorneys across the country will be handling lawsuits against Depuy Orthopedics for the failures of the XL Acetabular Systems and the ASR Hip Resurfacing Systems. Palm Beach Personal Injury Attorneys Greenberg, Stone & Urbano have already begun pursuing compensation for people injured by this company’s negligence. Palm Beach County has a large senior citizen population, many of whom have undergone joint replacement surgery. Because of this, we will likely see an increased number of claims regarding defective Depuy ASR hips coming out of Palm Beach County.

If you or someone you know has had a hip replacement after July 2003, we urge you to read your medical records carefully and contact your surgeon to ask about what kind of product was used. Depuy does not maintain a list of artificial joint recipients. If you have a hip subject to the recall, please contact us at 1-888-499-9700 for a free consultation. Also, if you need to have hip or knee surgery, you can learn about the most experienced doctors and facilities currently performing these procedures in Florida by reading the following article or by accessing the following website, created by State Health officials to help patients.

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