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Boca Raton CVS Continues to Make Prescription Errors

A Boca Raton CVS continues to make prescrption errors after being featured on local news outlets in 2009. The prescription errors are happening at an alarming rate this busy Palm Beach County pharmacy.

A Boca Raton woman was recently negligently given a prescrition for another customer. The CVS gave her a medication which is prescribed for those with high blood pressure. The woman’s doctor had not prescribed this medication, as she did not have high blood pressure. The prescription error was discovered after she took the medication for almost one month. She is currently under her doctor’s care and is contemplating litigation.

The CVS is located at 7016 Bera Casa Way in Boca Raton and was in the news after Palm Beach County Prescription Error Attorneys Greenberg, Stone & Urbano represented two Boca Raton women injured by pharmacy errors in 2009.

Palm Beach Prescription Errors Common

Studies show that as many as 15% of the prescrptions filled in the United States each year contain errors. Prescription errors include the wrong medication being dispensed, the wrong dosage being given, labeling mistakes and the failure of the pharmacist to note that certain drugs and medications are contraindicated to one another. Palm Beach County, with its large elderly and affluent populations, sees a large number of prescriptions being filled each year, meaning the chances of prescription errors are even greater.

Careful attention should be paid whenever a prescription is filled and picked up. Talk to you doctor and pharmacist about drug interactions, side effects and other concerns. Verify the medication is correct before leaving the pharmacy. Use online resources like to check that you have the right medication.

If you have been injured by a prescription error, contact the Palm Beach County Prescription Error Attorneys of Greenberg, Stone & Urbano today for a free consultation.

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