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Pharmacy Error Deaths

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Pharmacy Mistake Resulting in Wrongful Death:
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The right drug in the right dose at the right time can make all the difference when dealing with an illness or a chronic medical condition. Prescription drugs improve quality of life and often cure what ails us. However, a pharmacy error that results in the wrong medicine or wrong dosage being administered can cause serious injury or wrongful death.

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At the AV-rated* law firm of Greenberg Stone and Urbano, we offer more than 60 years’ combined legal experience, and we work closely with a nationwide network of medical experts in all pharmacy error wrongful death cases. We have handled cases against the largest pharmacy chains in the country, as well as against locally owned and operated pharmacies.

  • Did the pharmacist give a loved one the wrong prescription drug? Many drugs have similar names. Or, the pharmacist may have mixed up patient names on prescriptions. Sometimes the wrong dosage is even given to the patient. Any of these pharmacist-related errors can cause a wrongful death and may be compensable.
  • Pharmacists serve as a safety net for patients. If a doctor prescribes a drug that will negatively react with other medication the patient is taking, the pharmacists should notice and question the prescription. If the pharmacist is aware of a patient allergy, yet fills a contraindicated prescription, that is a pharmacy error and the pharmacist can be held liable for the injuries or wrongful death that occurred as a result.

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