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A security lapse as basic as poor lighting or a broken lock can put innocent people in serious danger. Criminals look for crimes of opportunity. Negligent security provides the opportunity criminals need to harm innocent victims.

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If a loved one was attacked and killed and you believe negligent security contributed to the attack, contact a wrongful death lawyer at the AV-rated* law firm of Greenberg Stone and Urbano Our trial attorneys — with more than 60 years’ combined legal experience — represent clients throughout the United States.

When Negligent Security Causes an Untimely Death

Owners of property like office buildings, hotels, motels, convention centers, shopping malls, apartment buildings and other businesses are responsible for maintaining safe environments for visitors, workers and residents.

  • Was your loved one attacked in an area where the business should have known about and responded to criminal threats? When an area has a history of crime when the police have been called on many occasions, what has the business done to provide a reasonably secure environment? A business or property owner who fails to change poor security measures by improving the lighting, hiring more security guards or installing surveillance cameras may be liable for the wrongful death of your loved one.
  • Parking lots should have enough lighting to guide people to their cars and deter criminals from mugging customers. Security cameras and guards should be provided when the area has a history of danger. The owner of the parking lot and even the adjacent business owners may have some degree of culpability in a parking lot attack.
  • Businesses that are aware they are in a high crime area and fail to maintain their security systems by allowing defective locks on windows and doors or a nonworking buzzer system may be held liable for attacks that caused a wrongful death.
  • Did a school ignore a threat of violence? Did the school system fail to have a plan for dealing with violence? If your child was the victim of school violence, we are prepared to investigate and determine whether negligent security was involved.

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If a loved one died a violent death because of negligent security at an unsafe shopping mall or other business, get information about a negligent security lawsuit from our experienced wrongful death lawyers. We can investigate and obtain the answers and compensation you and your family need. Call (888) 893-9846 or contact us online.

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