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Stay Safe and Have Fun: Amusement Park Safety Tips

It is that time of year when families from all over the country travel to south Florida to enjoy the thrills offered by the roller coasters, water slides and other attractions at parks like Universal Studios Orlando, Walt Disney World and Busch Gardens.

While riding roller coasters and other amusement rides can provide some much needed summer excitement, such activities carry some risks. Despite parks’ safety precautions, accidents do happen, sometimes with catastrophic results.

Below are some tips to help keep you and your family safe and smiling at Florida’s amusement parks.

  • Before boarding a ride, do your own inspection and trust your instincts. If the equipment looks to be poorly maintained or if the ride operators appear to be distracted, do not get on the ride.
  • Always follow the posted rules and use the provided safety equipment. Operators provide safety belts, lap bars, handrails and other features to help keep patrons safe.
  • Double check your own safety restraints before the ride begins. If something does not look or feel correct or if you have questions about how to use the provided equipment, call the ride operator immediately.
  • Keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times and follow all ride instructions, including height and weight requirements.
  • Be smart and know your own limitations. If you have a health condition that will impact your ability to ride – such as a weak heart or a bad back – do not ride. Watch the rides in operation and frankly evaluate which ones are too fast or too scary for you to enjoy. If you are unsure about a ride, do not get on.

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