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Fatal Construction Accidents

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Fatal Construction Accidents Attorney:
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Construction sites can be dangerous when the general contractor or subcontractors fail to provide a safe environment for workers or for people who might be passing by or visiting the site. Serious construction site accidents happen — but most of them are preventable.

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The experienced trial lawyers at Greenberg Stone and Urbano offer more than 60 years’ combined legal experience litigating and negotiating wrongful death claims. One of our attorneys has worked in construction and knows many of the dangers firsthand. Responsible construction contractors take steps to prevent accidents and construction deaths. Too often, however, the pressure to meet deadlines or a miscommunication among subcontractors can cause situations that lead to fatal construction accidents.

  • When construction debris is not properly disposed of, it can become a lethal hazard. If falling debris on a construction site killed a loved one, talk to an experienced wrongful death lawyer.
  • Heavy trucks frequently enter and exit construction sites delivering necessary materials. Maneuvering and unloading a large truck requires skill and caution. If a driver makes a mistake, he or she may hit or drop heavy materials on unsuspecting workers, causing an injury or a construction worker death.
  • Preventable collapses — including the collapse of trenches, scaffolding, newly poured concrete floors and cranes — cause numerous injuries and construction accident deaths. Our experts arrive at the scene as soon as possible after an accident to preserve physical evidence and to begin investigating possible causes.
  • Electrical wiring used for construction equipment is temporary and can be hastily installed without proper protections. A mistake in wiring can lead to an electrocution death.

Construction death cases are often complex because they typically involve multiple contractors and a constantly changing work environment. At Greenberg & Stone, our attorneys know how to investigate construction accidents. We work with investigators and construction experts to get to the truth.

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Proving fault in fatal construction accidents requires thorough investigation into the facts to discover all possible defendants. The AV-rated* law firm of Greenberg & Stone serves the needs of grieving families who seek justice after fatal construction site accidents. We have immediate appointments available — discuss your concerns and discover your full range of legal options in a compassionate and dependable environment. Call (888) 893-9846 or use our online contact form.

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