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Another Baby Crib Recalled: The Deadly Danger of Drop-Side Cribs

Another manufacturer recalled its drop-side cribs in an effort to avoid severe injuries or infant deaths caused by its product. Simmons Juvenile Products is the latest of numerous manufacturers with recalled drop-side cribs. These companies include Graco, Dorel, and even Fisher-Price, whose brand name graced cribs manufactured by Simplicity and Stork Craft. These company’s products are routinely sold in Florida.

The massive recalls, more than three million cribs in the past two years, have largely come in response to the tragic deaths of 32 children sleeping in drop-side cribs, as reported by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). The babies either suffocated or were strangled when the drop side fell out of position, trapping the babies in gaps in the mattress or in the slats on the sides of the cribs. The cribs causing the deaths were made by an assortment of manufacturers.

Some consumer rights groups have recommended that parents no longer use drop-side cribs and that companies no longer manufacture them. Increased safety standards and testing has also been proposed. While some cribs have been recalled by companies, many continue to manufacture and sell similarly unsafe products to families.

How to Prevent Tragedy

Florida parents may be scared when learning of the real dangers that some products for children hold. Every day, a new story about an unsafe children’s product, from cribs to strollers or jewelry is found in the news. Parents may wonder how it is possible to avoid such dangers. Fortunately, there are some basic steps parents can take to help avoid a serious accident with such products.

First, before purchasing children’s products, visit the CPSC’s or Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) websites for information about recalls. The CPSC also makes valued recommendations to consumers, such as avoiding the purchase of drop-side cribs. Other resources such as Consumer Reports and parenting magazines often have great information pertaining to safe products for children.

Routinely inspect your child’s furniture and toys to ensure that the parts are in good condition and working properly. If something seems worn or unsafe, immediately stop using it and contact the manufacturer or retailer.

If your child has been harmed by a crib or other children’s product, immediately contact an experienced products liability attorney.

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